Our Staff

Meet our amazing staff!

The staff here at MET are dedicated to ensuring that your excursion experience is an exceptional one, all the way from requesting a quote through to sending out your Tour Follow Up Pack.

We have two main teams here in our office – The Costing Team and The Group Tour Planning Team. Each team plays a distinct and important role in making your excursion a success.

Costing Team – Julie, Karen, Leanne, Jessie, Lee and Jodie

The Costing Team will generally be your first point of contact when organising your excursion. They will prepare your quote, send it out to you, liaise with you about any revisions you might like to make to your quote, and book your accommodation once you’ve accepted your quote. As part of this, they will work with you to ensure you get the best dates available for your trip.

Also, if you choose to book your flights through MET, this will be handled by our School Group Flights Team.

After all of this has been sorted out for your excursion, your file will be handed over to…

Tour Planning Team – Emma, Liz, Jodie, Kath, Gary, Lee, Keri, Shae & Katie

Your excursion will be allocated to one of our amazing Group Tour Planners, who will then be your point of contact for any changes or requests you might have from that point on. Your Group Tour Planner will meticulously plan and book your excursion itinerary to suit your requests and requirements, based on the best of what is available at the time of booking, and then send out your Booked Itinerary Pack to you. They’re always willing to help and answer any questions you might have. We want you to feel relaxed and at ease about your excursion, so please don’t hesitate to contact your Tour Planner if you are unsure of anything. No question is too silly!

Aside from the two teams, we also have Hannah as our wonderful Receptionist, Greg Turton as Director and Heidi Turton as Manager.