Our Vision

We see school excursions as being about more than just loading students onto a bus and taking them somewhere. School Excursions are a unique opportunity for students to explore their world, adding to and building on knowledge gained in the classroom.

We Believe

  • School Excursions should be well planned, carefully organised and then conducted by driver-guides who really enjoy working with school groups.
  • School Excursions should be curriculum based, building on the concepts taught in the classroom and enhancing outcomes.
  • School Excursions should provide opportunities for students to discover new things for themselves, through participation in hands-on activities.
  • School excursions should give students the opportunity to develop independence, life skills and social skills away from familiar school and home environments
  • School excursions should be a rewarding experience for teachers as well as students! If you've never used our services before, you'll be delighted with how easy it is to organise your next school excursion with us.

We Offer

  • Overnight school excursions for infants, primary and high school students for any school within Australia.
  • Tailor made itineraries designed specifically for your school to suit your needs, or if you have a “usual” itinerary, we are more than happy to work with that.
  • Transport for 20 to 500 or more students to & from school camps

  • Flight Bookings for any school group, regardless of whether the rest of your excursion is booked with us or not.

We Deliver

  • We make all of the enquiries & do all the planning.
  • We make all of the bookings & tour arrangements. Our friendly Tour Planners can offer advice about program options. They make all bookings for you, juggling times at each venue to give you the best possible final itinerary from the available options at the time of booking.
  • We communicate with you so you know what's being done! You receive a comprehensive “Booked Itinerary Information Pack” containing your detailed, booked & confirmed itinerary; what to bring; pre-visit information for venues and much more.
  • THEN our friendly driver/guides conduct your excursion. Experienced, friendly coach drivers meet your group at your school or airport on the first day. The coach and driver stay with your group 24 hours a day throughout your excursion. Our drivers conduct and manage your tour, so that you can relax and enjoy the excursion experience with your students.
  • Our office team provides any necessary support during your excursion, so that unforeseen incidents (flight delays, for example) create minimal disruption to your itinerary.

Macquarie Educational Tours:

  • Is a licensed Travel Agent that specialises in organising and conducting school excursions (2TA 4763)
  • Is a financial member of the Travel Compensation Fund
  • Always use accredited coach companies meeting our high operating standards

Think of the time you'll save and the stress you'll leave behind as we take care of every detail of your next school excursion!