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Hello & thanks for dropping by! I’m Heidi, and together with my husband Greg, we started Macquarie Educational Tours over 22 long years ago – back when we communicated with schools via fax and no one had heard of a ‘blog’!

We started small but have now grown to be the leading tour operator for Australian school excursions, offering a ‘nose-to-tail’ comprehensive excursion package.

Greg and I still work hands-on in our company – affectionally known as MET – but are now supported by a team of 18 in the office – helping to design, plan and book your excursions, as well as a growing team of coach drivers and coaches!


Greg & I live in the coastal city of Newcastle, NSW and in our spare time (ha!) can be found walking along Merewether Beach with a coffee in hand.

We love working with all the beautiful teachers around Australia and are passionate about enabling your students to discover the incredible story of this nation through travel.

Thank you for all the support over the years – we’re a big family here at MET and feel like our teachers & schools are an extension of it!

Looking forward to a great 2020 together!

Heidi & Greg Turton

Heidi & Greg Turton

Owners, Macquarie Educational Tours

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