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The Gold Coast offers amazing school excursion opportunities for peer support and team building, tourism, performing arts, marine studies and more.

Gold Coast

Why visit the Gold Coast

The educational opportunities at the Gold Coast Theme Parks are unmatched anywhere else in Australia! The Gold Coast is easy to get to traveling either by coach or by plane and there are now more options for school group accommodation. And besides all this, your students will LOVE you! Each theme park offers a variety of Educational Programs, as well as HEAPS of fun! We’ve summarised some of the options for you here, and you can also contact our friendly staff to discuss your Gold Coast excursion requirements.


Every year, over 60,000 students swap pens and school books for thrill rides and wild encounters as part of Dreamworld’s innovative and hands-on Education Program. Dreamworld has been delivering cutting edge and curriculum-based courses for over 10 years staying true to Dreamworld’s charter of ‘conservation through education.’ With a huge range of education programs with tailored options to suit the individual needs of each class, Dreamworld is now Australia’s largest interactive classroom and the only place where the physics is fast, the biology breathes and the maths adds up to the time of your life. “Our lessons are very hands-on using simple experiments to demonstrate real-life situations, for example, students in our primary science class make electro-magnets to help them understand the braking system on the Giant Drop”.

From maths to media studies and tourism to tigers, Dreamworld has a history of providing innovative education programs packed with practical punch.

Dreamwild Safari (Prep – 3):

Students can take a walk on the wild side when your students go on safari at Dreamworld. The program provides an educational and motivational experience for young children and encourages an early appreciation of the needs of unique adaptations of living things. Students also get to come in contact with some of Dreamworld’s native wildlife. Workbook of pre and post visit activities is available.

Tiger Talk:

Tigers are among the most recognisable and popular mammal species in the world but are unfortunately now considered an endangered species and are vulnerable to extinction due to poaching and habitat loss. Students will learn about these unique and fascinating animals from one of Dreamworld’s Tiger Handlers and how they can help save tigers in the wild. Topics cover diet, behaviours, adaptions and conservation issues.

Ride Science (Yrs 4-7):

Interactive activities to inspire and excite students as they discover force, motion and energy like they’ve never experienced them before. Students will feel the full forces of gravity on the Giant Drop, kinetic and potential energy will send them spinning around The Cyclone, magnetic forces will take full control of them on the Tower of Terror II and The Claw will let them feel what it’s like to be inside a pendulum.

Theme Park Physics:

Dreamworld offers some of the most thrilling examples of real physics in action! Students can explore centripetal forces, gravity, electricity and magnetism on some of the tallest and fastest thrill rides in the world. Students can even collect data while on rides by using a smartphone acceleration app inserted in a specially designed Dreamworld Physics Armband. Hire of armbands are $10 for a set of 10 Dreamworld Physics Armbands.

Tourism/Business Studies Talks:

What better way to study tourism and business then by experiencing it first hand. Dreamworld offer a range of classroom style presentations that are delivered in the Dreamworld Education Room. You can choose from the following talks:

    • Tourism – Learn about what makes Dreamworld and WhiteWater World such successful tourist attractions and about their target market.
    • Marketing – Learn about marketing strategies used to promote Dreamworld and WhiteWater World.
    • OH & S – Learn about how Dreamworld and WhiteWater World implements Occupational Health and Safety in a theme park environment.
    • Events – Learn about Events Management and how Dreamworld and WhiteWater World can be transformed into the ultimate venue for corporate events, parties, school formals and even weddings.
    • Hospitality – Learn about the Hospitality Industry, what it takes to be a food and beverage attendant at Dreamworld and WhiteWater World and how the theme parks cater to so many guests each day.

Tiger Talk:

Dreamworld’s Tiger Island offers guests a rare look into the life of Bengal and Sumatran tigers. This exclusive talk is conducted by a Dreamworld Tiger handler and can be tailored to suit the needs of the group. Topics include: habitat, behaviour and intelligence, size and weight, wild and captive diet, benefits of living in captivity, adaptations, reproduction, training, plight of tigers in the wild and the concept of Tiger Island. Students have the opportunity to ask questions and be actively involved in building awareness to ensure these majestic animals can continue to survive in the wild.

White Water World at Dreamworld:

Whitewater World welcomes you to Australia’s educational water playground! Experience junior science and senior mathematics like you have never experienced them before and of course, enjoy the rides!

MathsB (Yrs 11-12)
Discover how to model sections of the Super Tubes HydroCoaster track using mathematical functions, create a model to predict how high a raft will go in The Green Room, investigate periodic functions in the Cave of Waves, discover average and instantaneous rates of change in the Blue Ringed Octopus, and create a mathematical model for how long it takes riders to get sucked into The Rip!

Science at WhiteWater World (Yrs 6-10)
Students will learn about energy changes as they race through the Super Tubes HydroCoaster, discover the ultimate in scientific innovations at the Cave of Waves, put a new spin on speed in the Blue Ringed Octopus and discover how force and acceleration create thrills in The Rip.

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Movie World

Warner Bros. Movie World combines amazing rides and professional shows with educational programs aiming to give students the opportunity to gain a great knowledge and understanding of the theme park entertainment industry. An educational based excursion to Warner Bros. Movie World allows school groups to enjoy rides, attractions and attend one of the various presentations run by professional actors who have extensive experience in the entertainment industry. This is the perfect theme park choice for Creative and Performing Arts students.

The most popular program is Lights! Camera! Action!. Students discover film, television and theatre make-up secrets and characterisation techniques. They practice professional acting methods including improvisations and learn how the world of entertainment can open the door to many exciting career opportunities. Students will also discover how they can benefit through social interaction and confidence building activities using Theatre Sports.

In the Screen Acting program students hear about the experiences and training of various Show and Entertainment hosts whilst participating in some physical warm up exercises. They will learn about common film and television terminology and participate in activities focused on senses, memory and truthfulness in front of a camera. The taped session will be given to the classroom teacher to take back to class.

The Tourism program at Warner Bros. Movie World offers your students knowledge on the history and development of Village Roadshow Theme Parks, how the parks are operated and marketed, as well as how staff are selected and trained. A realistic insight into the theme park industry.

Sea World

A school excursion to Sea World will have you entertained by incredible Jetski stunt shows, amazed at the talent in the animal shows throughout the day and squealing at the thrill of the rides! The state of the art marine wildlife exhibits are awaiting your inspection!

Sea World Marine Education aims to give students an understanding of the marine environment and promote its conservation and protection. Some topics include Polar Bears, the Environment, Seals, Dolphins, Food Chains, Sharks. This incredible range of programs is unique to the marine environment of Sea World and a great support to students of Marine Studies, Biology, Environmental Studies, Geography and more.


The stunning Penguin Encounter exhibit is home to the world’s second largest penguin species, the King penguin which stands almost one metre tall, as well as the agile Gentoo penguin with its distinctive bright red bill and long tail. The spectacular exhibit features icy rock formations and a crystal clear pool. Witness the agility and grace of these incredible penguins from spacious elevated and underwater viewing areas. The Penguin Encounter exhibit makes Sea World the only place in Australia where you can see King, Gentoo and Fairy penguins in the one location.

Shark Bay is the world’s largest man-made lagoon system for sharks and houses some of the most awe-inspiring of the species in an innovative exhibit. History reflects a turbulent relationship between man and sharks – one of the world’s greatest predators. Shark Bay reveals a new dimension of understanding and will unravel the mystery and misconception surrounding this majestic marine species. The two-level exhibit provides spectacular viewing for guests both above-water as well as underwater through three 10 × 3 metre windows, allowing guests to come face to face with the large sharks, stingrays and a range of exotic tropical fish. Shark Bay comprises of three main zones all allowing for unsurpassed viewing and interaction, including a touch pool, a snorkel and dive lagoon and a shark lagoon housing the world’s most feared sharks. So come and conquer your fears at Sea World’s Shark Bay – the closer you get the more you learn!

Come and see Australia’s only Polar bears in their home at Sea World’s Polar Bear Shores – one of the most technologically advanced exhibits for Polar bears in the world.

Sea World adopted two orphaned Polar bear cubs late 2004, Hudson and Nelson, who were found in the wilds of Canada and have been taken into care at the naturalistic and enriching Polar Bear Shores. Guests can visit the cute and playful bears along with their newest friend, Lia.

All bears are housed at Polar Bear Shores, featuring the tundra environment of the Arctic summer in a state-of-the-art display. Visitors to Polar Bear Shores can observe the bear’s graceful underwater swimming and playful behaviours through large underwater viewing windows and are able to learn about these massive marine mammals through detailed information boards and fascinating interpretive information.

With a cascading waterfall and a winding creek, a large main pool that is up to four metres deep to encourage deep and shallow diving, an array of climbing outcrops, fallen trees, shrubs and other structures and a strategically placed rock platform enabling long distance viewing across the exhibit and beyond, Polar Bear Shores is a naturalistic environment which aims to constantly stimulate the bears. The inclusion of many different natural substrates such as loam, gravel, river stone, rocks and natural bedding are utilised throughout the exhibit to encourage the bears to dig, burrow and explore. While strategically placed wind generation fans direct a number of interesting smells and scents, to stimulate the bears’ olfactory senses, and the exhibit also features rain simulation, and misting and fogging.

Polar Bear Shores is the only exhibit in Australia where you can see the world’s largest land carnivore up close, and one that provides a unique educational experience that assists, through a wider public awareness, the conservation effort of this perfectly adapted marine mammal.

A hands-on Hospitality program at Sea World Resort & Water Park, the H.O.T.E.L School program allows students to stay at the hotel and learn the behind the scenes of a career in hospitality. Choose from three structured programs that will give you a hands-on snapshot of the Hospitality Industry. Our team members will be with you throughout your program and will guide you right from the time you experience welcoming guests from various countries to refreshing guest rooms or whilst you undertake food preparation in the main kitchen.

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Wet 'n' Wild

At Wet’n’Wild Water World, students enjoy an adrenalin pumping day of sliding, twisting and relaxing while learning all about the maths and physics concepts of fun. Teachers can tailor their own program from the supplied workbooks and students work independently or in groups to complete their worksheets whilst exploring the self-directed trails. The Activity Trail can be tailored for any school group by the teacher to educate, entertain and inspire. Students and teachers are encouraged to participate in this innovative and interactive educational program which brings mathematics, physics and creativity to life in a unique environment where learning is strictly hands-on! Developed in association with one of Australia’s leading Mathematics experts, Andy Boswell, the Activity Trail provides a series of challenging tasks which encourage problem solving strategies and teamwork.

In the Extreme H2O Zone you will ride the Tornado, the Blackhole, Mach5 and Kamikaze. Welcome to the future of waterslides! Kamikaze is a wicked multi-million dollar ride ‘on the edge’ of innovation and design technology, a unique combination wet/dry attraction and the first of its kind in the southern hemisphere. Water spray jets provide a frictionless surface on the giant U-shaped slide as rafts are channelled effortlessly to the bottom. Thrill seekers won’t be able to get enough of this awesome new ride as you plunge down a sheer 11m drop at an angle of 70 degrees – it feel like it’s almost vertical!! These and lots of other rides will keep your students entertained all day.


Australian Outback Spectacular

Discover the heart and soul of the Aussie outback during a school excursion to the Australian Outback Spectacular.

Prepare to embark on a vivid, spectacular and emotional ride into the heart of the Australian bush at this unique and exciting evening dinner show filled with outback music, drama and action.

Enjoy an all new story with true Australian characters, Reg and Marg, who are battling a severe five year drought on their farm. This heart touching story will resonate with many as it delves into real world struggles that many Aussie farmers are dealing with today. With the help from some unlikely characters, and friendships that will last a lifetime, the pair overcome the harsh realities of life in the Australian Outback.

School groups booking to see the Australian Outback Spectacular show, are also eligible for a special behind-the-scenes tour available only to groups also booked for the show. You will gain an insight into the operation of the show including the preparation kitchens where the 1,000 evening meals are prepared each performance. Students will meet some of the cast and crew as they prepare for the show during final rehearsal. This is an ideal inclusion for Tourism, Hospitality, Food Technology, and Performing Arts students.

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is a great addition to your Gold Coast school excursion itinerary. Students learn about native animals and their habitats in the customised Dome enclosure (new for 2012). You can also include some team building activities with Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary’s all-new, exhilarating treetops ropes course – the Green Challenge – it’s bigger and even more exciting than ever before.

The Green Challenge, by Adventure Parc, is the newest nature-based adventure experience for the Gold Coast. Sixty-five challenges, over four separate courses, weave their way through the eucalypt and rainforest canopy, taking visitors higher and further into the spectacular natural setting. The Green Challenge is based on the Adventure Parc concept, which takes elements of SAS commando training delivered as safe, fun and exciting treetops ropes courses for children and adults. The new Currumbin courses are like no other – surrounded by native wildlife, combined with world-class wildlife displays and shows and all located just a short walk from one of Australia’s best beaches.

The four courses include two beginners’ courses, one intermediate course and the Extreme Green Challenge – an advanced course designed to offer the ultimate challenge for participants. With high Tarzan swings and a giant flying fox, the Extreme Green Challenge will test the agility and daring of anyone who takes on the course.

Each of the Green Challenge courses has been designed for children and adults alike (children must reach 160cm from heels to middle of both outstretched hands to enter the Green Challenge). Include Green Challenge in your Gold Coast itinerary for fun, fitness and team building.


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